The Division of Child Care Offers Child Care Assistance


  • Low-income working families
  • Teen parents enrolled in high school, GED, ESOL, or remedial education programs
  • Residents of homeless or domestic violence shelters
  • Individuals who are unable to care for their children due to a physical, mental or emotional condition
  • Individuals who are unavailable to care for their children due to participation in court-ordered community service or participation in a drug treatment program
  • Individuals who are currently receiving full-time DES child care assistance who enroll in a full-time education or employment training program, and submit a work requirement waiver to DES

Child care assistance is also available for grandparents and guardians:

  • When the parent of the child is not living in the same home
  • When the grandparent or guardian is engaged in an eligible activity
  • Note: Only income received on behalf of the child is considered.

Child care assistance is available without regard to income for the following:

  • Grant Diversion program for job search
  • DES Cash Assistance recipients
  • TANF recipients who are employed
  • Referrals from a DES Jobs Program
  • Referrals from the Arizona Department of Child Safety or Tribal Child Welfare program

* Please check with us to see if we have room for your child. If we do please have the contact page handy as you will need the info for the application. If we do not call toll-free: 1-800-308-9000 Monday-Friday 8am-6pm & Saturday 8am-Noon see what other options are available.

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